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Sara Yasmine
WANTED Harajuku Hauls
Feb 15, 2016 • 7:11 AM •
여어, 안녕!

Hey whats up guys. Today I want to show you some of wanted-hauls that harajuku-style lover seek over the internet but unfortunately cannot be found, Including Taobao. Unless the certain company that sells with expensive for only one piece which is really unreasonably.

This goods is already sold out at Original shop already. So sad :'(

Cutey bunny Hoodies, So lovely, unfortunately its small size and 
I cant wear it with my country climate, hot and humid 

Some of cute vintage blouse. I couldnt find it sadly, so someone can sell it 

Twin Little Star long sleeve White and purple

New style of Sailormoon sailor at the back . Galaxy and the shape really draw my attention



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