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Sara Yasmine
Fresh WishList 2016
Apr 10, 2016 • 11:23 PM •
여어, 안녕!

Hayy whats up guys, its have been long time for me not blogging since i got not enough wifi at my college. soo, yeah today i finally got time to to list up my wish list with the theme hime gyaru kawaii j fashion.

there are five items that i really wanted.


im done buying this omg bunny long sleeve. i dont know why i bought this xD


Another bunny theme i craze for since 2014 is this super adorable bag. And again i finaLly got it LOL


This is super unique sandal with cute heels there. and girly look pinky colour. I just want this but unfortunately It out of stock . so yeah, its pathetic


It hard to find this kind of skirt. and anyway it out of stock also. I was like oh god damn it. -___- But i had have found this on AliExpress but it too pricey haha


Tadaaa another super adorable shoes , this shoes is very popular . especially in my heart xD
I THINK this is Lizlisa shoes but somehow im forgot where i get it this.

So that five items is my hot wishlist. and i already got two. I will tell you if i accomplish my wishlist. horrayy <3


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