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Sara Yasmine
FROM JAPAN.co.jp & Yahoo Auction - Haul Review -by sarayasmine
Jul 19, 2016 • 11:50 PM •

여어, 안녕!

Hi sweety , how you been.

today i need to share hauls review that i bought from Yahoo Auction by FromJapan.co
I start found this website because i want to find some Lizlisa, Axes and Sanrio stuff
And finally I get it.

Yahoo Auction is like Carosell but in for Japaneses plp one. Its so easy for me to find something that really really related to me as i love kawaii stuff. This website is the one you should know. lol

If Yahoo Auction is hard for you to understand you can use From Japan services.
For me it is my first time using this and its quite confusing at the first time about the bidding operation.

anyway, let get started.

If you want to win the Bid , I have a trick for you.
You need to find haul that got no bidders yet. you need to save the link and always see if there any new bidder. if there is no new bidder, probability you will get the cheap price and the item is high !

Firstly you can bid with Paypal or Visa card. But please if you have both, just use Visa . why? because if you pay with paypal , the item automatically will reform your address with Paypal address, luckily i write the correct address on my paypal account. if not? you cant make a change. fushhh

I never win a bid, but one day i found this dress so beautiful with good price and looking good quality of fabric .
Its my sustenance i think. lol
Time left showed CLOSED mean no bidder can bid anymore after that time. usually time given like 1-7 days . I do really hate if there is 6 or 7 day time left. for me it is tired to wait. lol

Above is check out Charge 1 , you must pay Comission fee and system usage. bhaaaa i dont like lol
anyway, that is why you need to find the lowest price of item so when its come to charge 1 and charge 2 it will not be burden at all. 

charge 2 include domestic postage 
in this case i tried safer postage . its look 4 day to arrive to From Japan warehouse !
i also tried not safer postage with no tracking and no insurance. Alhamdullilah still arrive in 4 days lol

so conclusion you can choose any. but for expensive item one i will sure use with safer postage. if its cheap i will use no safer postage. lol

Where can i get this cheap price !!!??? OMG >_<  Even Taobao didnt have this lol

- Very convenience site

- Many kawaii haul you can found there
- Its a bidding system so you can contact seller so fast.  

1- charge 2 might be so pricey if you do not know how to handle.
2-If you click charge 2 , the each item will charge 100 daily if you not settle your payment 

- If you got deposit problem , and your money didnt show up in FromJapn site, and you will never get your money back.
- I have email 2 times, they still said my money not entered in their system. how weird, i have called Maybank(MalaysiaBank) they said my money 4900 yen already entered From Japan Account. below i got message from maybank. and im sure. my money still there. 
- after that i start be more careful to not deposit with lot of money. lol. RM200 kottt kau raseeww ?? mujur aku ade lagi duit -_- fiuush 

WILL BE CONTINUE..................................





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